ND Principles of Calculus Test

The course MATH 10150: Principles of Calculus is meant as an introduction to the first-semester calculus courses at Notre Dame.  It is an extensive review of mathematical functions and specific classes of functions such as rational, logarithmic, exponential, and trigonometric.  The course also covers precalculus concepts such as limits, average rates of change, and difference quotients; and it concludes with an introduction to derivatives.  Note:  MATH 10150 does not fulfill the Quantitative Reasoning requirement of the University's Core Curriculum.

Students should plan to take the course MATH 10150 if their intended major at Notre Dame requires calculus AND they (a) have not taken a calculus course previously or (b) scored below a 500 on the ND Calculus Readiness Test which is administered online to incoming first-year students during the summer.  Please consult the Calculus Requirements by Major page for more information.

What is the ND Principles of Calculus Test?

The ND Principles of Calculus Test is NOT a course credit exam.   Instead, it is a test designed by the Math Department to enable a student to demonstrate their level of preparation for success in calculus at Notre Dame.  Passing the exam with an 80% enables a student to register for MATH 10350: Calculus A or MATH 10550: Calculus I in their first semester.

Who takes the ND Principles of Calculus Test?

Students should register to take the ND Principles of Calculus Test in these cases:

  • If a student has not taken the online Calculus Readiness Test in the summer months and wants to register for a first-semester calculus course at Notre Dame, OR
  • If a student feels their result on the Calculus Readiness Test does not accurately reflect their level of preparation to succeed in studying calculus in the first semester at Notre Dame.

What is the format of the ND Principles of Calculus Test?

  • The test is multiple choice, and students are allotted 60 minutes to finish the test.
  • A calculator is NOT permitted for the exam.

When is the ND Principles of Calculus Test?

The ND Principles of Calculus Test is scheduled for the same time and place as the ND Math Credit Exams:

Please note: January 16th is the first day of classes for the Spring semester.

Register to take (or Cancel) an ND Principles of Calculus Test

Register to take the ND Principles of Calculus Test using this registration link.  Registration closes on Friday, Janaury 12, 2024.  If your plans have changed, you can use this same link to cancel your previous registration for an exam.