How to solve registration issues

This page has information to help you troubleshoot issues you encounter during registration. You can also review the How to Register Using NOVO video.

If your question is not answered here, contact your first-year advisor for assistance.


Registration FAQ

Which section of FYS 10101: Moreau First Year Experience do I sign up for?

In the fall semester, students choose a section of Moreau based on their campus neighborhood and residence hall assignment. Find information about how to choose your section of FYS 10101 here.

I would like to take a course in my major. Can I do that?

If you have room in your schedule and there are no restrictions on the course that prevent you from registering, you may do so.

How do I know if a course has prerequisites or corequisites?

Prerequisites and corequisites for a course are listed in the detailed description of the course in PATH Class Search and NOVO Browse Classes. In PATH, prerequisites are in the “Registration Restrictions” section and corequisites in the “Corequisite” section. In NOVO, there are tabs for prerequisites and corequisites.

How are registration time tickets determined?

Registration time tickets are assigned randomly by the Office of the Registrar.

I won’t have internet access on the day I am assigned to register. What should I do?

Contact your first-year advisor ahead of your registration time to let them know of your issue. While it is in your best interest to register as close to the beginning of your time ticket as possible, you are not required to do so and can register when you are able to. 

I’m having trouble logging into NOVO. What should I do?

First, try opening your browser in a private or incognito window. You can also try clearing your browsing history, cookies, and cached files or using a different browser. If you still are not able to access NOVO, contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk, 574-631-8111 or

When I’m registering for courses in NOVO, do I need to go back to my plan in PATH Class Search if I want to change a course selection?

No. Once you are in NOVO to register, you can search and register for alternate courses there without returning to PATH Class Search. PATH Class Search serves as a planning tool, while NOVO is the system you use to register for courses. 

Do full courses have waitlists? How do they work?

Some (but not all) courses may use the waitlist feature in NOVO. If a particular course is full and has a waitlist, you will see the number of available waitlist seats in the “Status” column in NOVO Browse Classes. When you try to register for that course you will be prompted with the option to join the waitlist. If a seat opens in the course and you are at the top of the waitlist, you will receive an email letting you know you have a certain period of time to add the course to your schedule before the open seat is offered to the next student on the list.

Do not rely on waitlists to complete your schedule. Instead, register for a full schedule of courses not including any waitlisted courses. You can then drop a course to make space for a waitlisted course if a seat opens. Review this video explaining how to navigate a waitlist.

What if I can’t get a complete schedule or can’t get into a course that I need?

If you have concerns, email your first-year advisor. They will follow up after registration has ended and ensure that you are registered for all the courses you need. Remember to have plenty of alternate course options and their Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) readily available on your registration day so that you are as prepared as possible to register for a full schedule. And remember to be flexible with course times and other options. 

I don’t meet the restriction on a course. Can I still register for it?

Generally, no. Most courses with restrictions are reserved for certain student populations (students in specific majors or minors, juniors or seniors, etc.). In these cases, a student who does not meet these restrictions is not able to register for the course. Some other courses require special approval from the department for registration. Consult with your first-year advisor if you find a restricted course you think you should be able to take.

Error Messages in NOVO

College Restriction Not Met

You are not in the College (Arts and Letters, Business, etc.) offering or requiring the course. 

Classification Restriction Not Met

The course is restricted to students with a different classification (sophomore, junior, senior). 

Closed Section

The course is full. Advisors and instructors cannot add seats to full courses. Not all courses use a waitlist feature, but if it is available for a particular course you will see the number of available waitlist seats in the “Status” column as part of the NOVO Browse Classes results.

Closed Section - X

Closed but there is a crosslisted course(s). You might be able to register for the course under the crosslisted course number.

Corequisite [Course or CRN] Required

You must register for all parts of a course (lecture and lab, lecture and tutorial, etc.) at the same time. If you are missing a corequisite, check the “Corequisites” section of the course details in PATH Class Search or NOVO Browse Classes. Once you add all corequisite parts of a course to your summary in NOVO, you should be able to register successfully for the course, provided you meet the prerequisites and any restrictions.

Prerequisite or Test Score Required

You do not have the necessary course, Advanced Credit, or placement exam score on your academic record to be able to register for the course. If a course has prerequisites, they are listed in the “Registration Restrictions” section of the course details in PATH Class Search or the “Prerequisites” section of the course details in NOVO.

Degree Restriction Not Met

You are not enrolled in the degree program offering or requiring the course. 

Department Approval Req’d / For Approval, Email Department

Permission from the department offering the course is needed before registering. Work with your first-year advisor to contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in that department. 

Duplicate Course

You are attempting to register for a course that is already on your schedule.  

Credits Already Received

You are attempting to register for a course for which you already have credit (usually AP or IB credit). 

Level Restriction Not Met

You are not at the student level (i.e. graduate student, non-degree) for which the course is designated. 

Major/Minor/Concentration Restriction Not Met

You are not enrolled in the major, minor, and/or concentration offering or requiring the course. 

Over the Semester Credit Hour Limit

You have reached the maximum number of credit hours you are allowed to register for in a given semester. 

Time Conflict

The course selected meets at the same time or an overlapping time as another course already on your schedule.