Typically, around early July each year, incoming students are able to look up their registration time ticket and identify any existing "holds" on their registration. 

Step One:

Search "NOVO" via inside.nd.edu and select "NOVO Registration Status and Holds".


Step Two:

Select "Registration Status and Holds"


Step Three:

Your registration status page will appear and you will read the message "Time tickets do not allow registration at this time. Please register within these times," and then it will list your registration time ticket. All registration times are in Eastern Daylight Time, not your local time. Registration time tickets are randomly assigned.

You will have access to NOVO to add and drop courses from your initial time ticket until 11:59 PM EST on the same day. All students will also have access to NOVO from 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, July 27th, until 11:59 PM on Friday, July 29th, to make changes to their schedule if desired. After July 29th, schedule changes must be made by your advisor.

While identifying your time ticket, check to see if you have any registration "Holds" in NOVO. Contact your First Year Advisor if you see any "Holds."
Learn more about time tickets and holds on the Registration Requirements and Terms page.
Questions about accessing NOVO? View the How to Register with NOVO video.