Step One: Review Moreau First Year Experience

The Moreau First Year Experience is a required component of the University of Notre Dame's Core Curriculum. The course fosters your personal development by asking central human questions and discussing important contemporary topics that lead to having meaningful conversations that matter. Learn more on the course website: or on the Encounters: A Moreau First Year Project page. 

Step Two: Moreau Neighborhoods 

The Moreau course consists of over one hundred sections of approximately 19 students each. All sections share an identical syllabus, but meet at various times throughout the week. As a means of enriching the integration of your intellectual, extracurricular, and residential experiences, you must register for a Moreau FYE section that corresponds to your housing assignment. We call the result of this process the “Moreau Neighborhoods.” This registration procedure ensures that your Moreau section will include classmates from your own residential community and residential communities in close proximity to your own. This intentional blend of your intellectual and residential communities seeks to help you find a sense of belonging on campus and integrate each facet of your Notre Dame journey into a formative learning experience.

Since you must register for a Moreau FYE section that falls within your housing assignment’s “Moreau Neighborhood,” not all sections are available to you for registration. Before July, return here to review "Fall 2022 Moreau Neighborhoods" (to be provided before registration) to identify which sections are available to you for registration. When it comes time to register, register for a Moreau section (FYS 10101-XX) is listed under your residential community.

Step Three: Troubleshooting

  • Did you get a “Corequisite Not Met” error message in NOVO regarding your Moreau section? You’ve likely attempted to register for a Moreau FYE section (FYS 10101-XX) that does not correspond with your pre-assigned Moreau Neighborhood (FYS 10000-XX). Check the "Fall 2022 Moreau Neighborhoods" list and select a section within your residential community. 
  • What if I want to register for a Moreau FYE section that is already full? Seats in each Moreau FYE section will be added periodically throughout first-year registration days. Be sure to register for a section upon your registration time ticket. Then, throughout the day or on July 28-29, return to see if new seats have been added to allow for more room in any other Moreau sections of your interest.
  • Having trouble finding a Moreau section that works for your schedule? If it is impossible for you to find a Moreau section within your Moreau Neighborhood that works with your schedule, contact your First Year Advisor.