Step One: Review Moreau First Year Experience

The Moreau First Year Experience is a required component of the University of Notre Dame's Core Curriculum. The course fosters your personal development by asking central human questions and discussing important contemporary topics that lead to having meaningful conversations that matter. Learn more on the course website: or on the Encounters: A Moreau First Year Project page. 

Step Two: Moreau Neighborhoods 

The Moreau course consists of over one hundred sections of approximately 19 students each. All sections share an identical syllabus, but meet at various times throughout the week. As a means of enriching the integration of your intellectual, extracurricular, and residential experiences, you must register for a Moreau FYE section that corresponds to your housing assignment. We call the result of this process the “Moreau Neighborhoods.” This registration procedure ensures that your Moreau section will include classmates from your own residential community and residential communities in close proximity to your own. This intentional blend of your intellectual and residential communities seeks to help you find a sense of belonging on campus and integrate the curricular and co-curricular facets of your personal development.

Since you must register for a Moreau FYE section that falls within your housing assignment’s “Moreau Neighborhood,” not all sections are available to you for registration. Follow the directions below to identify which sections are available to you for registration. When it comes time to register, register for a Moreau section (FYS 10101-XX) is listed under your residential community.

Special Note: In NOVO, all students are pre-registered for an FYS 10000-XX section. FYS 10000 is not a course. Rather, it is NOVO terminology for your “Moreau Neighborhood.” Be sure to remain registered for your pre-assigned FYS 10000 section. Without this registration, you’ll be unable to register for a FYS 10101 section.

Find your neighborhood:

Select your residence hall community below to view your your corresponding Moreau Neighborhood (FYS 10000-XX), and Moreau sections (FYS 10101-XX) available to you for registration.

Alumni Hall (living in Zahm Hall 2022-2023) | Badin Hall | Baumer Hall | Breen-Phillips Hall | Carroll Hall | Cavanaugh Hall | Dillon Hall | Duncan Hall | Dunne Hall | Farley Hall | Fisher Hall | Flaherty Hall | Holy Cross College Gateway Program | Howard Hall | Johnson Family Hall | Keenan Hall | Keough Hall | Knott Hall | Lewis Hall | Lyons Hall | McGlinn Hall | Morrissey Hall | Old College | O’Neill Family Hall | Pangborn Hall | Pasquerilla East Hall | Pasquerilla West Hall | Ryan Hall | Siegfried Hall | Sorin Hall | St. Edward’s Hall | Stanford Hall | Walsh Hall | Welsh Family Hall

Step Three: Add to Your Plan

Identity sections in your Moreau Neighborhood that fit best with your class schedule. Search for these sections in Class Search and add the best fit to your plan. Need some help with Path Class Search? View the How to use PATH Class Search page.

Step Four: Troubleshooting

  • Did you get a "Corequisite FYS 10000 required" error message in PATH? PATH doesn't recognize courses in which you've already been registered (in this case, FYS 10000). You will receive this error message regardless of which section of FYS 10101 you add to your PATH plan. Ignore this message for FYS 10101.
  • Did you get a “Corequisite Not Met” error message in NOVO regarding your Moreau section? You’ve likely attempted to register for a Moreau FYE section (FYS 10101-XX) that does not correspond with your pre-assigned Moreau Neighborhood (FYS 10000-XX). Check the "Fall 2022 Moreau Neighborhoods" list and select a section within your residential community.  
  • Does it looks like your Moreau Neighborhood (FYS 10000) is full? You don’t need to worry about “available seats” in any FYS 10000 Neighborhood. PATH doesn't recognize courses in which you've already been registered (in this case, FYS 10000). When choosing a Moreau FYE section, consider only the “available seats” within FYS 10101 sections.
  • What if I want to register for a Moreau FYE section that is already full? Seats in each Moreau FYE section will be added periodically throughout first-year registration days. Be sure to register for a section upon your registration time ticket. Then, throughout the day or on July 28-29, return to see if new seats have been added to allow for more room in any other Moreau sections of your interest.
  • Having trouble finding a Moreau section that works for your schedule? If it is impossible for you to find a Moreau section within your Moreau Neighborhood that works with your schedule, contact your First Year Advisor.

Moreau Neighborhoods: Fall 2022

North Quad Neighborhood

Alumni Hall (living in Zahm Hall), Breen-Phillips Hall, Cavanaugh Hall, Farley Hall, Keenan Hall, Stanford Hall

NOVO Corequisite: FYS 10000 01

FYS 10101-XX Sections:

Section 01 F 2 - 2:50p CRN: 14778

Section 02 F 3:30-4:30p CRN: 13752

Section 03 T 12:30-1:20p CRN: 13799

Section 04 M 12:50-1:40p CRN: 13732

Section 05 W 12:40-1:40p CRN: 13784

Section 06 M 8:20-9:10p CRN: 13745

Section 07 M 5:05-5:55p CRN: 13792

Section 08 Th 11-11:50p CRN: 13740

Section 09 Th 9:30-10:20a CRN: 13741

Section 10 M 10:30-11:20a CRN: 13812

Section 11 W 2-2:50p CRN: 13781

Section 12 W 8:20-9:10a CRN: 13742

Section 13 T 12:30-1:20p CRN: 13769

Section 14 F 11:35a-12:25p CRN: 13802

Section 15 Th 9:30-10:20a CRN: 13773

Section 17 W 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13803

Section 18 W 5:05-5:55p CRN: 13736

Section 19 W 8:20-9:10a CRN: 13805

Section 20 F 10:30-11:20a CRN: 13772

Section 21 T 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13746

Section 22 T 5:05-5:55p CRN: 13731

Section 61 Th 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13739

God Quad Neighborhood

Carroll Hall, Lewis Hall, Sorin Hall, St. Edward’s Hall, Walsh Hall, Old College

NOVO Corequisite: FYS 10000 02

FYS 10101-XX Sections:

Section 23 M 11:30a-12:20p CRN: 13789

Section 24 F 2-2:50p CRN: 13754

Section 25 M 5:05-5:55p CRN: 13747

Section 27 T 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13806

Section 28 Th 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13817

Section 29 Th 9:30-10:20a CRN: 13743

Section 30 T 5:05-5:55p CRN: 13811

Section 31 T 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13766

Section 32 Th 12:30-1:20p CRN: 13818

Section 33 Th 2-2:50p CRN: 13783

Section 34 W 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13757

Section 35 W 5:05-5:55p CRN: 13776

Section 39 W 11:30a-12:20p CRN: 13770

East Quad 1 Neighborhood

Flaherty Hall, Johnson Family Hall, Knott Hall, Siegfried Hall

NOVO Corequisite: FYS 10000 03

FYS 10101-XX Sections:

Section 41 F 11:35-12:25p CRN: 13782

Section 42 F 8:20-9:10a CRN: 13748

Section 43 M 8:20-9:10a CRN: 13780

Section 44 F 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13738

Section 45 Th 12:30-1:20p CRN: 13768

Section 46 Th 5:05-5:55p CRN: 13774

Section 47 T 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13797

Section 48 W 8:20-9:10a CRN: 13763

Section 49 M 2-2:50p CRN: 13821

Section 51 F 10:30-11:20a CRN: 13798

Section 52 F 9:25-10:15a CRN: 13750

Section 53 W 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13809

Section 54 W 8:20-9:10a CRN: 13764

Section 55 M 5:05-5:55p CRN: 13734

Section 56 T 2-2:50p CRN: 13808

Section 109 F 9:25-10:15a CRN: 14118

East Quad 2 Neighborhood

Dunne Hall, Pasquerilla East Hall, Pasquerilla West Hall

NOVO Corequisite: FYS 10000 04

FYS 10101-XX Sections:

Section 57 W 11:30a-12:20p CRN: 13815

Section 58 Th 12:30-1:20p CRN: 13761

Section 59 Th 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13765

Section 60 W 2-2:50p CRN: 13760

Section 62 T 2-2:50p CRN: 13735

Section 63 M 12:50-1:40p CRN: 13755

Section 64 Th 9:30-10:20a CRN: 13786

Section 65 M 9:25-10:15a CRN: 13788

Section 66 M 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13733

Section 68 F 12:50-1:40p CRN: 13777

Section 69 Th 2-2:50p CRN: 13762

Section 70 W 9:25-10:15a CRN: 13801

South Quad Neighborhood

Badin Hall, Baumer Hall, Dillon Hall, Fisher Hall, Howard Hall, Lyons Hall, Morrissey Hall, Pangborn Hall

NOVO Corequisite: FYS 10000 05

FYS 10101-XX Sections:

Section 16 Th 2-2:50p CRN: 13810

Section 26 M 8:20-9:10a CRN: 13820

Section 71 W 10:30-11:20a CRN: 13785

Section 72 Th 11-11:40a CRN: 13814

Section 75 M 8:20-9:10a CRN: 13787

Section 76 M 2-2:50p CRN: 13790

Section 77 F 11:35a-12:25p CRN: 13779

Section 78 W 5:05-5:55p CRN: 13807

Section 79 T 3:30-4:30p CRN: 13791

Section 80 F 9:25-10:15a CRN: 13759

Section 81 W 8:20-9:10a CRN: 13737

Section 82 M 11:30a-12:20p CRN: 13758

Section 83 Th 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13819

Section 85 F 9:25-10:15a CRN: 13753

Section 87 M 5:05-5:55 CRN: 13771

Section 88 W 2-2:50p CRN: 13793

Section 89 M 8:20-9:10a CRN: 13795

Section 92 F 2-2:50p CRN: 13816

Section 93 W 2-2:50p CRN: 13813

Section 94 F 9:25-10:15a CRN: 13751

Section 95 F 12:40-1:40p CRN: 13775

Section 96 T 9:30-10:20a CRN: 13804

Section 97 M 2-2:50p CRN: 13756

Section 98 Th 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13800

West Quad Neighborhood

Duncan Hall, Keough Hall, McGlinn Hall, O’Neill Family Hall, Ryan Hall, Welsh Family Hall

NOVO Corequisite: FYS 10000 06

FYS 10101-XX Sections:

Section 40 T 9:30-10:20a CRN: 13796

Section 99 W 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13749

Section 100 W 12:50-1:40p CRN: 13886

Section 101 M 8:20-9:10a CRN: 13888

Section 102 M 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13887

Section 103 W 8:20-9:10p CRN: 13889

Section 104 F 8:20-9:10a CRN: 13890

Section 105 W 2-2:50p CRN: 13891

Section 106 M 5:05-5:55p CRN: 13892

Section 107 Th 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13911

Section 108 T 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13912

Section 110 T 12:30-1:20p CRN: 14119

Section 111 F 12:50-1:40p CRN: 14120

Section 112 M 2-2:50p CRN: 14121

Section 113 M 2-2:50p CRN: 14122

Section 116 T 5:05-5:55p CRN: 15079

Section 117 Th 9:30-10:20a CRN: 15080

Section 118 M 3:30-4:20p CRN: 15081

Section 119 T 12:30-1:20p CRN: 15480

Section 120 T 9:30-10:20a CRN: 15481

Section 121 M 11:30a-12:20p CRN: 15482

Section 122 F 12:50-1:40p CRN: 15483

Section 123 T 2-2:50p CRN: 15484

Section 126 M 9:25-10:15a CRN: 15486

Section 127 W 11:30a-12:20p CRN: 15487

Section 128 Th 12:30-1:20p CRN: 15488

Section 129 Th 9:30-10:20a CRN: 21821

Gateway Neighborhood

HCC Gateway students

NOVO Corequisite: FYS 10000 07

FYS 10101-XX Sections:

Section 74 Th 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13744

Section 84 M 3:30-4:20p CRN: 13822

Section 86 F 2-2:50p CRN: 13794

Section 90 W 5:05-5:55p CRN: 13767

Section 124 T 3:30-4:20p CRN: 15485