School of Architecture

This page outlines the requirements for all students in the School of Architecture. In some cases, courses taken for the Architecture school requirements can satisfy Core Curriculum requirements and/or major or minor requirements. 

The School of Architecture offers a five-year undergraduate program with a major in architecture. In the third year, Architecture students study in Rome

Architecture students have the option to pursue one of three concentrations in the architecture major: furniture design, historic preservation and restoration, or architectural practice and enterprise. Students begin concentrations in the fourth year. 

While the School of Architecture does not offer any minors, Architecture students can pursue a minor offered by another college or school. They most likely will not be able to pursue a second major.

First-Year Requirements

Architecture students must take the following courses in the first year: 

  • ARCH 11011: Graphics I: Drawing (3 credits)
  • ARCH 11021: Graphics II: Drafting (4 credits)
  • ARCH 10211: Global History of Architecture (3 credits)
  • MATH 10270: Mathematics in Architecture (3 credits)
  • PHYS 10111: Principles of Physics I (3 credits)
  • PHYS 10222: Physics of Civilization (3 credits)

Students may use equivalent Advanced Credit to satisfy one or both of the required physics courses. 

ARCH 11011 satisfies the Art and Literature requirement of the Core. 

ARCH 10211 satisfies the History requirement of the Core.

MATH 10270 satisfies the Quantitative Reasoning requirement of the Core.

PHYS 10111 and PHYS 10222 satisfy the Science and Technology requirements of the Core if taken at Notre Dame. 

Language Requirement

Architecture students are required to complete at least 6 credits of beginning Italian language courses by the end of the second year. These courses prepare students to study in Rome in the third year. 

Students can take one 6-credit course (ROIT 10110: Beginning Italian) or two 4-credit courses (ROIT 10101: Beginning Italian I and ROIT 10102: Beginning Italian II). Many students prefer to take ROIT 10101 and ROIT 10102. The two additional credits earned by taking these courses count toward total elective credits. Students may continue their study of Italian in Rome.

Architecture Course Selection Guide

Use these fall and spring semester sample schedules as a guide when planning your courses.