You've Made it to College... Now What? Navigating Academic Rigor and Staying Whole in the Process

It takes a lot of effort and dedication to gain admission to an elite university. You've focused, sacrificed and achieved beyond most. This long-term effort comes not only with the great reward of college admissions, but also some tremendous pressure for continued achievement. So how do you manage all that pressure? None of us can continually "do more" to "stay ahead"... that strategy is simply not sustainable. You are invited to come explore some common internal challenges many of our students have faced in their transition to university life. I also hope to offer a foundation of frameshift that might help support an internal pivot from "doing it all" to finding what fills you more than it takes away.

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Nancy Michael

Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Neuroscience & Behavior Major

College of Science

About the Lecturer

In her few years as faculty, Dr. Michael’s dedication to excellence, innovation in education and commitment to community wellness have earned her numerous teaching, advising and community awards. In partnership with multiple community organizations, Dr. Michael works to develop and implement NEAR (neuroscience, epigenetics, adverse childhood experiences, resilience) science approaches that aim to mitigate the impact of toxic stress on individuals and communities. Her research uses a community-based change theory model to work with community organizations in developing population specific NEAR-based strategies to support organizational and community efforts in becoming trauma-informed.

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