Academic Discernment Resources

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The Center for University Advising, Meruelo Family Center for Career Development, Moreau First Year Experience course, and other campus partners invite all students to engage in an intentional process of discernment and decision-making.

Are you trying to decide your major? Are you looking to find your place in this world? Inspired by the life and ministry of Fr. Michael Himes, the following information focuses on college students, yet it assists anyone deciding on a career or a new way of living life to the full. 

Three key questions to help people make a decision on where their life is going.

Consider Three Questions

  1. What brings you joy?

  2. What are you good at?

  3. What does the world need you to be?

By reflecting on these questions you will be able to make informed decisions regarding your next steps as a Notre Dame student.  Remember, this is a journey - you don’t need to have all the answers right now.  You just need to take the first step. 

Dive deep into these three questions with an excerpt with Fr. Himes.

Discernment Resources

Meruelo Family Center for Career Development

Explore these three key questions and find a meaningful path to Major and Career Discernment.

Campus Ministry

Finding God’s voice in your life is so important, yet it can be very challenging at times. Explore how campus ministers are here to listen to, pray with, and help you find clarity amid the sometimes overwhelming and unknown parts of life.

Center for Social Concerns

Called to serve? The Center for Social Concerns at Notre Dame offers community-engaged learning opportunities locally, nationally, and internationally. Inspired by Gospel values and the Catholic social tradition, we believe service is integral to discerning your responsibilities and your commitments, now and in the future.

Moreau First Year Experience

While continuing to deepen your self-knowledge, the Moreau course will invite you to actively discern the vast potential avenues of life. The process of discernment is an ongoing, lifelong endeavor. And while you are the authors of your story, it is often helpful to involve those we trust. Throughout the spring semester, you will explore academic, service, and career possibilities and determine how and when we invite others into your ongoing discernment. Explore these questions and topics on the Moreau spring course calendar page.