Art as Evidence

How learning to think about art (and more broadly about things made by human beings) can make you a better thinker and a stronger researcher no matter what your academic interests are.

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Heather Hyde Minor

Professor, 16th–18th Century Europe and Area Head, Art History

College of Arts and Letters

About the Lecturer

Heather Hyde Minor specializes in the artistic and intellectual culture of early modern Italy. From 2017-2020 she served as the academic director of the Rome Global Gateway. Her research interests include architecture, print culture, antiquarianism, and the prehistory of the discipline of art history.

She is the author or editor of four books. The first, The Culture of Architecture in Enlightenment Rome (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2010), won the Howard Marraro Prize and the honorable mention for the Alice Davis Hitchcock Award from the Society of Architectural Historians. The second, Piranesi’s Lost Words, examined Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s famous printed images alongside the texts he designed to go with them (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2015). She co-edited The Serpent and the Stylus: Essays on G.B. Piranesi (University of Michigan Press, 2006).

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