First Year Academic Advisor

First Year Academic Advisor
(574) 631-7421

Timothy Berkey advises first year students at Notre Dame. He believes that education is an opportunity to develop the disciplines of a life-long learner as you practice the process of learning. He is most energized in his work with students when he can coach them through the maturing of academic ownership, the developing of personal, professional, and academic goals, and the discerning of pathways toward those goals. Timothy's philosophy of advising centers around student ownership, personal discernment, and the development of academic disciplines through rigorous practice of process.

Timothy has worked in higher education for the past decade, both as an advisor and a professor, most recently as an assistant professor at Taylor University. In his classrooms prior to transitioning to advising at Notre Dame, he taught communication theory and application related to organizational contexts such as organizational design, team development, leadership strategy, organizational consulting, and change management as well as courses in podcast development and production. Timothy's scholarly interests lie in the study of how faith based organizations develop and organize people, the conflict between stated and lived values in faith based organizations, and the development of healthy teams. In addition to teaching and advising, Timothy has served as a development officer for faculty and staff.

Timothy earned his B.A. in Multimedia Communication and Production from Olivet Nazarene University and his M.A. in Communication Liberal Arts and Sciences from Ball State University.