First Year Academic Advisor (Science)

First Year Academic Advisor (Science)
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Prior to joining Notre Dame’s Office of First Year Advising, Harrington taught preschool-college students in public and private institutions and local museums. She taught art history, art education pedagogy courses for preservice teachers as well as drawing and design studios at Saint Mary’s College for sixteen years. She has written numerous articles about art and art education, presented her pedagogical and artistic practice in diverse venues, been included in both solo and group exhibitions and has received several awards and research grants in support of her work as an educator and artist.

Harrington received her B.F.A. in Studio Art from Saint Mary’s College and a Master’s of Science in Art Education from Indiana University.  She has special interest in utilizing art and creativity in her advising and teaching practice as well as the intersection of art and science.

Harrington’s advising philosophy centers on the idea that every student has a unique story and vision of the world to share. It is her mission to create an inclusive, equitable and safe space for students to engage in dialogue and collaboration which informs both their academic and personal development in and out of the classroom.