Academic Commissioners

Academic Commissioners are undergraduates who volunteer to serve their residence hall in at least three ways:

  • help students in the same college or major connect with each other for mutual academic support within the dorm

  • guide first-year students in the dorm to academic resources on campus

  • welcome faculty speakers to the dorm

Many Academic Commissioners also take the initiative to sponsor an array of other academically themed events, and we are grateful for their energy and creativity – thank you!  If you are an Academic Commissioner, please click here for resources, ideas, and support!

Notre Dame’s most recent strategic planning process set forth a number of insitutional aspirations for the University, and the formation of an Academic Commissioners network contributes to one of the articulated goals: “Forging connections between student life and the academic core is also essential.” (Notre Dame 2033: A Strategic Framework, page 16)

Please contact Chris Temple in the Center for Universtiy Advising at to request updates to the following listing.  If you do not see an Academic Commissioner for your dorm listed below, please ask your Hall Council or your rector.

Residence Hall Academic Commissioner(s) *
Alumni Hall Aidan Betts and Brian Ram
Badin Hall  
Baumer Hall  
Breen-Phillips Hall   (updated for 2024-25) Elle Ford and Fina Awet
Carroll Hall Jack Lyu
Cavanaugh Hall Elena Saez
Dillon Hall    (updated for 2024-25) Christian Kay
Duncan Hall  
Dunne Hall  (updated for 2024-25) Colin Ardise and John Blount
Farley Hall  
Fischer Residences Undergraduate Community Emily Marchal
Fisher Hall  
Flaherty Hall Lauren Riffe
Howard Hall Saachi Kumar
Johnson Family Hall Maggie Enrietto
Keenan Hall   (updated for 2024-25) Ted Heraty and Wyatt Fales
Keough Hall  
Knott Hall Patrick Divis and Kyle Phan
Lewis Hall Nancy Norton
Lyons Hall Kiki Shim
McGlinn Hall   (updated for 2024-25) Colleen Cordell
Morrissey Hall  
O’Neill Family Hall  
Pangborn Hall   (updated for 2024-25) Michael Schlueter
Pasquerilla East Hall Bickley Bowron and Hayley Brownd
Pasquerilla West Hall  
Ryan Hall   (updated for 2024-25) Madison Chambers
Siegfried Hall Jack Wilde
Sorin Hall Joe Kolar
St. Edward’s Hall   (updated for 2024-25) Kabir Madan
Stanford Hall Tyler Cook and Cole Kirven
Walsh Hall   (updated for 2024-25) Katy Klein
Welsh Family Hall  

* In some cases, the dorm president serves as an acting Academic Commissioner.