Welcome to your ATLAS Guide!

There is a wide range of resources at the University for academic support.  The following inventory provides an “Academic Tutoring Landscape for Advising Students" - an "ATLAS Guide" - for navigating Notre Dame's available services.  Please contact your advisor to discuss other potential options if these services do not meet your needs.


For First-Year Students: the Learning Resource Center

In addition to the resources listed below, the Learning Resource Center (LRC) offers several types of tutoring assistance specialized for first-year courses.  All sessions are free of charge. Click here to explore the LRC tutoring inventory.

Interested in working as a tutor?  If you would like to be a peer tutor, please email your interest to Chris Temple at in the Center for University Advising, and he will help you to get connected with the appropriate tutoring office on campus.


For All Students: Additional Resources

Need help with reading strategies?

Managing the demands of heavy reading loads is one of the challenges of the academic transition to Notre Dame. Learning new reading strategies can be a key to success. You can find helpful suggestions from a couple Notre Dame departments here. 

Need help with writing?

The Writing Center at the University of Notre Dame is dedicated to helping students become better writers. Tutors accomplish this goal by listening attentively in writing conferences, reading papers carefully, and asking questions that can help writers express their ideas and construct their arguments. 

Need help with a language?

The Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures peer tutoring program is a free, self-scheduled service available to all Notre Dame students. This program offers comprehensive foreign language peer tutoring to enhance student learning beyond the classroom. Tutoring is available at no charge to enrolled students.

Need help with Mendoza business courses?

The Business Honors Program manages an undergraduate tutoring program for an array of courses in Mendoza.

Need help with economics?

The Department of Economics offers drop-in tutoring sessions three nights per week. Tutors are available for help with Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Econometrics and Statistics.

Need help with engineering courses?

The College of Engineering ACES Program offers undergraduate drop-in tutoring each week for some 10000- and 2000-level engineering courses.

Need help with math?

The Department of Mathematics offers drop-in tutoring both for non-majors in multi-section math courses and math majors in specialized courses. These math help rooms are a great place to go to get your questions answered, but students are welcome to also just work there so that when they do have questions they are already in the right place.

Need help with library research?

The Hesburgh Libraries has a vast amount of resources available to students. Whether online or in person — we’re here to help! 

Collaborate with librarians online, in person, or schedule an appointment!

A team of librarians is ready to help you with the many areas of academic life, whether you’re working on a research paper for a class or preparing a grant application for study abroad. Ultimately, these core skills are critical to career advancement — regardless of your path — in the world beyond Notre Dame.

Visit us online, via Chat, or in person at the Hesburgh Library Ask Us Desk. You can also schedule a meeting with a librarian by completing this form.