College of Science

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Undergraduate Studies in the College of Science is a coordinated program involving the basic sciences, the chosen advanced science, and the humanistic and social studies, including theology and philosophy. In this education, the student should acquire a thorough, integrated, and broad understanding of the fundamental knowledge in his or her field, a competence in orderly analytical thinking, and the capacity to communicate ideas to others orally and in writing.

Advising for continuing students in organized within each department of College of Science. In addition to the six undergraduate departments, the College of Science is also home to the Center for Health Sciences Advising. 

Advising in the Majors

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Center for Health Sciences Advising

Medical schools do not have preferences for specific student majors, but students must show competence in the sciences. It is important for students to use reflection and discernment to find their passion for academic development. If those paths lead to excellence in research, service or leadership, all of these are of interest to medical schools.

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