Thrive at Notre Dame

Forming students who are inspired, engaged, and pursuing a life well-lived.

The Center for University Advising, home of First Year Advising, Academic Support, and the Learning Resource Center, offers mentorship, support, and guidance as you write the next chapter of your scholarship.

Ready to register for classes as a sophomore?

Following Spring Break, each college community will host registration advising meetings to prepare you for Fall 2024 registration (and beyond!) Many of these orientation and celebration opportunities are mandatory. In most cases, details for each college and school's meetings have been emailed to students by individual colleges and schools. The meeting times and locations are summarized in the link below..

Host a Faculty Discernment Talk-in-Residence!

Faculty Discernment Talks-in-Residence invite Notre Dame faculty into residence halls to share stories of how they discovered, cultivated, and pursued their intellectual passions. With a particular focus on the discernment of academic paths and making important decisions, the conversations are designed primarily as a mechanism for students to informally engage with faculty and witness a modeled process of discernment.

Improve the way you study!

Undergraduate Study Skills Mentors meet with students who want to discuss tips and strategies for academic success at Notre Dame. These sessions help you with "metacognition" to think about your thinking and learning.

Need Help in First-Year Courses?

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) offers tutoring for many first-year courses, and all sessions are free of charge. Tutoring should supplement your layered strategy for academic success in a course. LRC tutoring options and attendance policies are explained at the bottom of this page.