Incoming Students: Final Registration Preparation!

(part of a series)

Final Registration Preparation

  • Revise your PATH plan and prepare a list of alternate classes. You will not get into your top choice of every class, so it is essential that you have back-ups prepared.
  • Contact your First Year Advisor if you have questions about your class selections.
  • First Year Advisors will host Q&A sessions via Zoom for all students to ask registration questions (schedule to be updated here)
  • Continue to review Requirements and Credits and Registration Tools and Resources and the Welcome Weekend Canvas site.
  • Make sure you have arranged for access to a reliable internet connection. If you won't have access to the internet when your time ticket becomes active, you will still be able to register for courses until 11:59 PM EDT on the day of your time ticket activation or from July 28 - 29 when registration is once again open for all first-year students. If you will not have internet access at all during the registration period, please contact your advisor.
  • Double-check that your PATH plan isn’t showing any potential registration errors. Review the Registration Requirements and Terms and the Registration FAQ pages to clarify any errors. Seats in some classes will be opened gradually over the course of registration week so do not worry if classes in your plan are showing as full right now. There is a chance they could be open when it is your time to register.
  • Make a list of your CRNs for all of the courses you plan to register for, even if they are already in your PATH plan.
  • Review the list of alternative courses and their CRNs you created last week - just in case you are not able to register for all of your original choices.
  • Have the Zoom link ready for the Advising Help Room in case you run into any issues (you’ll receive this link closer to registration time)