How to choose a Math course

Most first-year students will take mathematics courses. This page outlines a few ways to identify the math courses that are most appropriate for your academic background and interests.

Step One: Review College and Major Requirements

Review the information on math in the College Requirements and Major Requirements pages to identify any specific mathematics courses required or recommended for the first year according to academic intent. 

Step Two: Consider Advanced Credit and Register for ND Math Credit or Readiness Exams

Review the information on Advanced Credit and Placement, especially regarding AP Exams, IB HL Exams, ND Math Credit Exams, and ND Calculus Readiness Tests. If necessary, register for a credit exam or placement test. Speak with your First Year Advisor about creating multiple plans for your mathematics course registrations and sequencing, depending upon your results from the ND Math Credit Exam. The ND Calculus Placement Test is intended for students considering a major in the College of Engineering, the College of Science, or the Computer Science, Economics, Math, Neuroscience, or Pre-Health majors in the College of Arts and Letters.

Step Three: Review the Calculus Table

After reviewing the information available on this site, confirm your choice(s) of math courses below. Notre Dame offers a number of different levels of Calculus course sequences.  Review this table carefully so that you can select the appropriate course for your interests and goals. As applicable, the results from your ND Calculus Readiness Test will also be part of your registration advising discussion this summer to determine whether you should register for MATH 10150 “Principles of Calculus” for the Fall semester.  “Principles of Calculus” is an introduction to calculus and prepares students for MATH 10350 “Calculus A” or Math 10550 “Calculus I.”  Note that MATH 10150 does not fulfill the University’s Core Curriculum Quantitative Reasoning requirement.

Calculus Table

Student College or Major

Calculus course or sequence

Majors in ACMS or Statistics. (Students pursuing a second major in ACMS or Statistics should take MATH 10550 and MATH 10560.) ACMS 10550 "Applied Calculus I" and ACMS 10560 "Applied Calculus II"

Architecture and Business students who are not interested in a second major that requires two semesters of Calculus, such as Economics. This course is not designed to prepare students for upper-level math courses.

MATH 10250 “Elements of Calculus I”

Life science majors, pre-health majors, and Economics majors. This sequence is not designed to prepare students for upper-level math courses such as MATH 20550 “Calculus III.”

MATH 10350 “Calculus A” and MATH 10360 “Calculus B”

Majors in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics. This sequence prepares students for upper-level math courses.

MATH 10550 “Calculus I” and MATH 10560 “Calculus II”

Open to all students with a strong background and interest in math; required for students interested in the Honors Mathematics major, regardless of Advanced Credit for calculus. This sequence, which emphasizes the “why” of mathematics as well as the “how,” begins with a thorough introduction to mathematical reasoning and proofs.

MATH 10850 “Honors Calculus I” and MATH 10860 “Honors Calculus II”

Step Four: Consider Corequisites

Some courses, such as lab sciences and calculus, have required labs, tutorials, or discussion sections. These parts of courses have unique Course Reference Numbers. You must register for them at the same time as you register for the lecture part of the course. For example, each section of a calculus lecture has one or two corresponding tutorials. If you register for calculus, you must also register for one of these tutorials. For instance, if you register for section 1 of Calculus II (MATH 10560-01), you must also register for section 11 of the tutorial (MATH 12560-11). If you register for section 2 of the lecture, you must also register for section 21 or 22 of the tutorial. Check out these helpful PATH Class Search videos to help you navigate corequisite registration.

Watch: First Year Guide to PATH Class Search: Corequisites

Watch: First Year Guide to PATH Class Search: Special Corequisites (Calculus)