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Ardea Russo is an academic advisor for first-year students pursuing majors in the Mendoza College of Business. Prior to joining the First Year Advising team in the Mendoza College of Business, Dr. Russo was an advisor in what was then the College of the First Year of Studies. In that role, she worked with students exploring majors in all disciplines, including those in the Colleges of Arts & Letters, Science, and Engineering, as well as the Keough School of Global Affairs. Dr. Russo holds the rank of Assistant Advising Professor.

Dr. Russo is also the University's Faculty Honor Code Officer. She was a part of the University Committee on the Honor Code as they worked to revise the Code itself and its accompanying procedures, and she is now part of the team of faculty and students who are overseeing the implementation of the new structure. 

Dr. Russo has been at Notre Dame since 1999, when she started graduate school in the Department of Theology. She received a M.T.S. (Master of Theological Studies) in 2001 and a Ph.D. in 2009, and has been teaching courses in the Theology Department since 2011. She is especially interested in studying biblical passages that have proved to be troubling or disturbing to readers and commentators, and in thinking about helpful ways of dealing with these passages.