Question Everything: Paradoxes, Surprises and Counterintuitive Truths

Mathematics may be an exact science, but it still has oddities and paradoxes. And these don't all live in the rarefied, theoretical part of the field --- some of them have serious implications when mathematics gets used in the real world. In this session, we'll explore some counterintuitive facts and their consequences. By the end, you should see that it is a wise strategy to take nothing for granted, and to question everything.

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David Galvin

Professor of Mathematics, Chair

College of Science

About the Lecturer

David Galvin is a professor in the department of mathematics. His research interests are in combinatorics, graph theory, and discrete probability. He is a widely-respected teacher as well as an excellent researcher, earinging both the Joyce award and the Shilts/Leonard teaching award in the College of Science.

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