Opportunities for Finance Majors Over the Next Four Years

We will discuss the options students have as finance majors at Notre Dame. We will outline the required and the elective courses offered by our department and discuss possible career paths. As part of this discussion, we will talk about the resources the university has for those interested in Investment Banking. These resources include the capstone Applied Investment Management course, which is an application-based course, and numerous programs offered by Notre Dame's Institute for Global Investing (NDIGI). Finally, we will describe our three week study abroad program, which will be held in the summer of 2023.

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Robert Battalio, Lisa Heming, and Mark Dumich

Professors, Department of Finance

Mendoza College of Business

About the Lecturer

Robert Battalio is currently a professor of Finance at the University of Notre Dame. Robert has also served on the faculty of Georgia State University, as a visiting academic at the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank, and as the first NASD visiting academic fellow. His primary area of interest involves the relationship between financial market design and trading costs. He is currently studying whether the post-earnings announcement drift survives transactions costs, who trades on accruals information, trading costs in the equity option market, and price discovery in option markets. Robert’s work has appeared in the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics, and the Review of Financial Studies, among others.


Lisa Heming joined the Office of Undergraduate Studies in January 2017. But she's not new to Mendoza and has been with Notre Dame since 2006. From 2015-2016, Lisa served as Director of Student Services for Graduate Business Programs. She's also worked as Academic Programs Director for the ND Alumni Association and as the Assistant Director of Admissions and Student Services for the Executive MBA Program.


Mark brings an investment and trading background to NDIGI and works alongside NDIGI leadership to execute on the Institute’s priorities which are focused on: increasing experiential learning opportunities, expanding our global presence, creating more career discernment opportunities for students and building inclusion programs, such as our women in finance initiative which are aimed at increasing diversity across the investment management industry. Mark joins NDIGI from the Notre Dame Development Office, where he managed the Strategic Analytics and Prospect Management teams. In that role, he was very involved in organizing the many events that engage alumni and parents working on Wall Street. Before his time in Development, Mark spent eight years working at M&N Trading in Chicago, where he primarily focused on spread trading across the U.S. Treasury yield curve.

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