First Lecture Series Locations

The Fall 2022 First Lecture Series

11:10 AM | Saturday | August 20, 2022

Accounting for Success with John Donovan (DeBartolo Hall, Rm 140)

Become the Architect of Your Own Future: Tips for Designing for Your Academic Career, Professional Interests, and Life in General with Marianne Cusato (Walsh Family Hall of Architecture, Rm 108)

Building a Human Rights Dialogue Towards Outcomes: Between Implementation, Advocacy, and Accountability with Diane Desierto (Bond Hall, Rm 104)

Connecting the World: Communications and the Internet of Things with Robert Stevenson (DeBartolo Hall, Rm 117)

Contributions of Chemical Engineering in Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic with Matthew Webber and Mark McCready (DeBartolo Hall, Rm 141)

Got Fakes? with Marya Lieberman (Nieuwland Hall of Science, Rm 127)

Greater Good in Action, Through the Eyes of a Marketer with Yixing Chen (DeBartolo Hall, Rm. 155)

Human, Chimpanzees, and Climate Change: Insights into the Future from a Small Corner of West Africa with Catherine Bolten (Jenkins-Nanovic Halls, Rm 1050)

Leading Change in a Changing World with Christopher Stevens (DeBartolo Hall, Rm 102)

March on to Victory: How Planning for your Career after Graduation Now will Set You Up for Success Here at Notre Dame with Matthew Morrison (DeBartolo Hall, Rm 138)

Moral Saints and Moral Burnout: Philosophical advice from Aristotle, Susan Wolf, and Beyonce on striving to become a better person while in college with Meghan Sullivan (Hesburgh Library, 1st floor Carey Auditorium)

My path to becoming an engineer with Diogo Bolster (Cushing Hall of Engineering, Rm 117)

Navigating University Life and How to Make the Most of the Next Four Years with Philippe Collon (Nieuwland Hall of Science, Rm 123)

No Pressure or Anything…But the Future of American Democracy Is In Your Hands: How Young People Can Reinvent Politics As We Know It with David Campbell (DeBartolo Hall, Rm 136)

Opportunities for finance majors overt the next four years with Robert Battalio, Lisa Heming, and Mark Dumich (DeBartolo Hall, Rm 101)

Performance, Politics, and Modern China; How to Tell Your Parent(s) that You’re Majoring in the Arts" with Tarryn Chun (DeBartolo Hall, Rm 131)

Question Everything: Paradox, Surprises, and Counterintuitive Truths with David Galvin (Nieuwland Hall of Science, Rm 118)

Representation Matters: How I Became an Expert on Race, Justice, and Popular Culture with Jason Ruiz (DeBartolo Hall, Rm 126)

Set yourself up to change the world for the better through technology, data, and business with Nicholas Berente (Stayer Center for Executive Education, Morris Commons)

The Myth of Abundance: The Origins of My Intellectual Passion for Water with Ellis Adjei Adams (Jenkins-Nanovic Halls, Rm 1030)

The Ordinary Business of Life: How I Came to be an Economist with Eric Sims (DeBartolo Hall, Rm 129)

The Possibilities and Challenges of Artificial Intellegence with Young Lee (Jenkins-Nanovic Halls, lower level Mediation Room)

Want to Earn Better Grades and Retain Your Learning While Also Having More Free Time? with Mike Seelinger (Morris Inn, Smith Ballroom)

You’ve Made it to College…Now what? Navigating Academic Rigor and Staying Whole in the Process with Nancy Michael (Jordan Hall of Science, Rm 100)