First Lecture Series Locations

First Lecture Series

11:10 AM | Saturday | August 19, 2023

“Accounting for "Success"" with John Donovan (DeBartolo Hall, Rm. 155)
“Art as Evidence” with Heather Hyde Minor (DeBartolo Hall, Rm. 136)
“Avoiding ‘Bullshit,’ Burnout, and Alienation: A Philosophical Guide to Purposeful Work” with Paul Blaschko (Hesburgh Library, Rm. 107)
“Bandaids on bullet wounds? Providing effective, dignified, and ethical mental health care in conflict-affected settings” with Laura Miller-Graff (Jenkins-Nanovic Halls, Rm. 1050)
“Be Good and Do Good: The Role of Marketing in Making a Difference” with Susan Kleiser (DeBartolo Hall, Rm. 140)
“Become the Architect of Your Own Future: Tips for Designing for Your Academic Career, Professional Interests, and Life in General” with Marianne Cusato (Walsh Family Hall of Architecture, Rm. 108)
“Breaking the Rules to Make the Rules: Poverty, Pragmatism & Legal Compliance in South Asia and Beyond” with Susan Ostermann (Jenkins-Nanovic Halls, Rm. B101)
“Chemical Engineering Past and Future” with William Schneider (DeBartolo Hall, Rm. 141)
“Chemistry and the Opioid Crisis” with Marya Lieberman (Nieuwland Hall, Rm. 118)
“Confronting the Global Ecological Crisis Together at ND” with Ellis Adams (Jenkins-Nanovic Halls, Rm. B001 (Mediation Room))
“From Curiosity to Discovery: A Guide to Engaging with the Research Mission of the University” with Robert Stevenson (Stinson-Remick Hall, Rm. 109/110)
“Life as an Engineer” with Diogo Bolster (Stinson-Remick Hall, Rm. 108)
“Making a Difference through Social Entrepreneurship” with Michael Morris (Jenkins-Nanovic Halls, Rm. 1030)
“Navigating University Life and How to Make the Most of the Next 4 Years” with Philippe Collon (Nieuwland Hall, Rm. 123)
“No Pressure Or Anything . . . But the Future of American Democracy Is In Your Hands: How Young People Can Reinvent Politics As We Know It” with David Campbell (DeBartolo Hall, Rm. 129)
“Powerful Means: Finding and living your purpose through academic engagement” with Wendy Angst (Morris Commons, Stayer Center)
“Question Everything: Paradoxes, Surprises, and Counterintuitive Truths” with David Galvin (Jordan Hall of Science, Rm. 326)
“Set yourself up to change the world for the better through technology, data, and business” with Nicholas Berente (DeBartolo Hall, Rm. 102)
“The Craft of Computing, the Beauty of Physics and the Joy of Music and a Few Other Things I Learned in College” with Doug Thain (Hayes-Healy Center, Rm. 127)
“To the EXTREMES! What humans pushing their limits in extreme environments can teach us about health and athletic performance” with Cara Ocobock (DeBartolo Hall, Rm. 126)
“Want to Earn Better Grades and Retain Your learning While Also Having More Free Time?” with Mike Seelinger (Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center)
“Welcome to ‘Knowledge Disney World’” with Chris Frederick (DeBartolo Hall, Rm. 138)
“What does Mendoza offer to Undergraduates Interested in Finance?” with Robert Battalio & Patty Brady (Jordan Auditorium, Mendoza College of Business)
“Witnessing Climate Change” with Roy Scranton (DeBartolo Hall, Rm. 131)
“You’ve made it to college… Now what? Navigating academic rigor and staying whole in the process” with Nancy Michael (Galvin Life Sciences Center, Rm. 283)