Building a Human Rights Dialogue Towards Outcomes: Between Implementation, Advocacy, and Accountability

How should we dialogue on human rights? This lecture discusses the inherently peaceful nature of human rights dialogue, vis-a-vis strategies of human rights implementation, human rights advocacy and human rights accountability. We will discuss the different considerations for realizing the human rights outcomes in three sample international case studies respectively involving human rights implementation (rights to health and access to medicines at the WTO), human rights advocacy (the path to recognition of rights to self-determination for minorities), and human rights accountability measures (mass atrocities and post-conflict justice); when these strategies are appropriate and inappropriate; and why realizing the human rights outcome also requires cultivating the moral courage for sustained, judicious, and human rights-based dialogue in a time of intense polarization and armed conflicts.

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Diane Desierto

Professor of Law and Global Affairs, Human Rights LLM Faculty Director

Keough School of Global Affairs

About the Lecturer

Desierto teaches, publishes, and practices in international law and human rights, international economic law and development, international arbitration, maritime security, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Law, and comparative public law.

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